The new Door closing solutions catalog is here!

After quite some time of intensive work and a lot of preparations, we are proud to introduce our new Door closing solutions catalog. With it, DICTATOR takes one more step into the future, as the catalog not only contains all the information you will also find on the website, but it also uses state-of-the-art interactive features. Here you will find an overview of its new features and functions.

Newly redesigned layout

We have completely overhauled the design of the catalog: Now it is fresher, more compact and cleaner than ever before!

In the completely redesigned, compact layout, all important information about a product is arranged so that everything is easy to find at a glance. On the first page of a product you will find an overview of the most important features, as well as technical data and a product picture. This is followed by dimensioned drawings and ordering information. For the more complex products, you will also find information on the different models as well as selection criteria and installation accessories on the following pages.

Should you have any questions about our products or want to place an order, you will find our contact information in the footer.

The door closing technology catalog follows the same structure as the website and is divided into six sections

You can easily tell which section you are in, either on the page margin or on the header.

New interactive features

The catalog is now interactive, which means that it has lots of links to additional information, such as website, videos, installation instructions and questionnaires. This way you can get to all the additional information you need about a product with just one click.

If you have printed the pages of a certain product, you can view this information by scanning the QR code with your smartphone’s camera app. Simply hold the camera over the QR code and click on the bar that appears on your phone’s screen to retrieve the information you need.

New content

We have also taken the opportunity to add new content and revise the existing information. For example, we have added simple steps for selecting the right model of the gate closer DIREKT.

We have also reworked the installation accessories for back checks and added some of the most common installation examples to make the selection of accessories easier.

New Door closing solutions catalog as digital document

With the new catalog, we contribute to protecting the environment. Since the demand for print catalogs has dropped in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer print catalogs that are up to date while avoiding unnecessary waste of paper from outdated catalogs that are left over.

For this reason, from now on the new catalog will be offered only in digital form. On our website you will always find the latest version in high quality PDFs, so that you can print the pages you need yourself if necessary.

You can find the new Door closing solutions catalog here

You can download it as a whole or in individual chapters on our corporate website under Downloads > Catalogs. In addition, you will find the corresponding individual pages on the respective product page under the Downloads tab.

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