DICTATOR products

DICTATOR is a family-run, medium-sized company with its headquarters in Neusäß near Augsburg, Germany, and several own production sites in Western Europe. Our wide product range offers innumerable possibilities for the controlled movement of doors, gates, windows, flaps and more.

We are committed to providing our customers with the right solution for their individual needs - no matter whether it is just a single gas spring or a highly complex automation solution.

Door closing solutions

Reliable, mechanical solutions for closing and/or damping movements of hinged doors, sliding doors and swing doors

Gas springs

Wide range of long-lasting, high-quality gas springs. Also custom gas springs for special applications.

Hydraulic dampers

Final dampers, oil dampers and radial dampers

Door interlock systems

Easy installation with wide range of functions. Also custom solutions adapted to your application.

Door & gate operators

Operators for hinged and sliding doors and gates as well as control systems

Fire door operators

Operators for fire hinged/sliding doors and gates

Fire door solutions

Hold-open systems and accessories for fire and smoke doors

Lift equipment

Lift systems, shaft systems, accessories for lift doors

Further details about DICTATOR products

For more details and technical information about DICTATOR products, visit our global website.