Applications - Fire door operators

Preventive fire protection has been one of DICTATOR's core competences for decades. Our fire door operator solutions always ensure that comfort is not neglected while still providing perfect fire protection. With DICTATOR's wide range of different components for moving both newly installed as well as existing fire doors and gates, we are able to offer solutions for many different customer requirements - from individual components to fully automated operator systems.

Applications: fire door operators in theater

Fire door operator in action on 375 kg theater doors

These fire doors integrated into the wood-paneled wall of a theater in the Netherlands required a custom automation solution, as it was not possible to install anything on the outside of the doors for architectural reasons. The doors integrated seamlessly with the paneling. In addition, some of the doors were curved, because the wall is also curved. Therefore, neither a standard door closer nor a standard door operator could be installed here. Together with the door manufacturer, DICTATOR developed a custom operator system for the seven doors to fulfill both fire safety regulations as well as the high demands for the protection of the visitors.

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Fire door operator for large doors in hazardous areas

The very large sliding fire doors in an explosion-proof warehouse move with DICTATOR door operators. These not only had to meet high ATEX standards, but also comply with fire safety regulations. The operators open the fire gates using a motor, while closing takes place mechanically by means of a counterweight. This ensures that the doors always close safely even in the event of a power failure with a simultaneous fire alarm. However, this also meant that the explosion-proof gearbox had to run smoothly, as otherwise closing with a counterweight would not be possible. This made the solution particularly challenging, as explosion-proof gearboxes usually run somewhat roughly.

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Custom gate operator for very large sliding fire doors in a bus factory

Special solutions for fire doors and gates are no problem for DICTATOR. Because of the huge door width of 11.5 m, a "normal" fireproof operator with mechanical closing device was not feasible here. Instead, it was necessary to use a special operator with a control system that would always ensure the safe closing of the fire door, even in the event of power failure.

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Automation solution for 93 m wide sliding door in shopping center

Opening/closing would take too long for the 93 m sliding door, so it is split into two halves, each of which closes towards the center. Each side consists of up of 6 telescopic leaves, each up to 10 m wide. Another challenge was the synchronization of the movement of both leaves. In the event of a fire with simultaneous power failure, the doors close via emergency power.

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