Door & gate operators

Door & gate operators

DICTATOR is specialized in the automation of doors, gates and other applications that require automation. In addition to the products shown in our catalog which, thanks to their modular structure, already provide a wide range of solutions, we also develop custom solutions for special applications.

DICTATOR operators are always tailored to meet the customer's requirements as well as all relevant regulations. Just contact our technical department. We will also be happy to provide you with further information and CAD drawings of the various systems.

Sliding door operators

DICTATOR offers three-phase and direct current operators for sliding movements. We are specialized in industrial applications.

Hinged door operators

DICTATOR hinged door operators can be used for a wide range of applications. We also provide solutions for very large and heavy hinged doors.

Control systems

DICTATOR control systems offer a wide range of functions, from opening and closing doors to very complex controls customized to specific customer requirements.

Safety & operating equipment

A wide range of safety equipment and control devices round off the DICTATOR operator range perfectly. Here you will find suitable components for every application.