Applications - Fire door solutions

Hold-open systems & fire door accessories

Hold-open systems provide safety and, at the same time, make life easier. They keep fire and smoke doors in fire closures open during normal operation and ensure that they close automatically in case of an alarm. That way, fire cannot spread unhindered throughout the building. We, at DICTATOR, don't just supply products, we offer you an all-in-one solutions, including advice during the planning, support with any questions during installation and commissioning, as well as assistance with maintenance and repair work. We also offer solutions for hazardous areas with risk of explosion, and we make sure to meet all special requirements to guarantee comfort of operation while complying with all necessary regulations.

Robust and resistant hold-open systems in schools

Hold-open systems integrated in door closers may be a visually appealing solution. However, but in many cases they are unsuitable for schools, because students often open/close doors recklessly. The consequence: the hold-open systems integrated in the door closer get damaged. And this leads to high repair and maintenance costs. DICTATOR's hold-open system with external electromagnets offer a pragmatic solution that drastically reduces safety risks and costs. Besides, the closing function of the existing door closers can still be used without a problem.

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Ex-proof hold-open system in chemical university warehouse

The fire doors of the chemical warehouse use DICTATOR hold-open systems to keep doors open during normal operation. In case of alarm, the power supply to the magnets is interrupted and the doors close immediately every time. Safety is of the utmost importance here. Because of to the risk of explosion in the warehouse, all components had to be explosion-proof.

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