The “Dictator” turns 90 years old

DICTATOR door dampers have been helping to close doors safely and quietly for 90 years

Many doors do not work the way residents would like them to: Either they make noise by slamming shut or they don’t close completely and remain slightly open. The door damper was invented 90 years ago to put an end to these problems. The functioning principle has proven itself to this day: The door damper catches the closing door, pulls it into the lock softly and holds it securely closed.

It all began in 1932, when a German and a Dutchman invented a “Hydraulic Shock Absorber and Closer for Doors” and received the patent for it. Its inventors called this product the “Dictator” because it dictates the door to close gently but safely. The company that manufactures and sells them was also named after this product. And even today, door dampers are often known in the market as “Dictator”.

Over time, the appearance of the door damper has changed, even though its essential shape and functioning principle have remained the same. Today there are many different models and versions, suitable for different types of doors and installation situations. This makes it possible to install door dampers on almost any door.

In the production of DICTATOR door dampers, great emphasis is placed on the high quality of the raw materials used and the careful design of the manufacturing process to ensure a long service life and precise operation when damping the door. Thanks to the combination of specialized machinery, automated processes, experienced staff and numerous quality controls, it is ensured that the door dampers can easily withstand well over a million operations.

Unlike many other products, DICTATOR door dampers are still produced in Europe since their invention. Every year, almost 200,000 door dampers leave Emmeloord in the Netherlands for destinations all over the world to ensure that doors close gently and quietly everywhere.

Door damper advertisement on company car in the early 1930s

Door dampers styles today