Applications: Lift equipment

For decades the name DICTATOR has been assoicated with lift accessories, especially due to our Standard lift door dampers. Nowadays we not only offer different components and spare parts for elevators, but also complete systems, such as the Homelift DHM 500, ideal for custom solutions, even for very small spaces, and the DHE lift, with exceptionally compact dimentions for shaft pit and shaft head.

Homelift DHM 500 makes family home accessible and suitable for all ages

These homeowners wanted to make their house accessible, so that the residents don't have to worry about whether they cannot go up the stairs at some point in the future. Just from its appearance you cannot tell it is 'only' a homelift. The user only notices it by its speed.

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Homelift DHM 500 – perfect for unusual dimensions and difficult spaces

The Homelift DHM 500 is the answer to barrier-free living in spaces with challenging spaces, like in this case with a triangular shape. It also allows for lifts on spaces with very limited space. All DICTATOR DHM 500 lifts are custom products, adapted exactly to the specific customer requirements and the conditions of each object.

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Homelift DHM 500 fullfills high architechtural expectations

In this example, functionality meets design, as the DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 perfectly integrates into the architechture of the building. Thanks to the glass lift, the picturesque views of the outside can still be enjoyed from the living room without impediment.

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