Applications - Gate closers

DICTATOR gate closers for outdoor use are weather-resistant and can operate in a very wide temperature range. We provide models for a secure closing with different surfaces and finishes to ensure a long operational life, even under harsh conditions.

Safely closed pedestrian access gates at daycare center

This daycare center wanted a solution to keep their access gates closed, so that children couldn't just run out onto the street traffic. In the past, a note asked its users to close the gate behind them - which wasn't very effective. But now, the gate closer DIREKT takes care of this job and it always closes the gate automatically after every opening.

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Built-in door closer RTS for secure closing without risk of vandalism

The concealed tube door closer RTS is used whenever it is necessary to close pedestrian gates automatically, but there should be no visible door closer that could be tampered with. This is particularly important in
places where security may be an issue. Its key features: a flexible plastic joint, adjustable damping force and a clean look, a great mix for a long-lasting and reliable solution.

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Controlled closing of pedestrian gates, garden gates and gates on fences – even on slopes

Exterior gates on slopes can be tricky: as soon as they open, they slam shut. This means a shorter life for the door and possible risk of injury to its users. With the gate closer DIREKT, this is no longer an issue. It slows down the closing of the gate to the desired speed and closes it softly and securely.

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