DICTATOR door dampers improve therapy environment in Autism Clinic in Ontario

Loud closing sliding doors disrupt therapy sessions in autism clinic

An autism clinic in Ontario recently enhanced its facility by installing DICTATOR door dampers on all six sliding doors of their therapy rooms to reduce noise disturbances. This change aims to create a more comfortable environment for therapy sessions for children with autism.

Previously, the clinic experienced issues with loud noises from sliding doors slamming shut, which was particularly disruptive for children who are sensitive to sound. Since the therapy rooms with the problematic sliding doors are all adjacent to each other, the loud slamming sound was disruptive to the sessions in all nearby rooms. An initial attempt to solve the problem involved adding padded cushions to the sliding tracks. However, this solution proved ineffective, as it prevented the doors from closing completely, thus compromising privacy and security.

DICTATOR door dampers put an end to loud slamming sliding doors 

After evaluating different options, the clinic decided to install DICTATOR door dampers. The new door dampers have effectively eliminated the loud noise of the doors closing, allowing them to close fully and quietly. The door dampers gently catch the door in the last few inches before closing and quietly pulls it shut, which means no more noise of slamming doors. This improvement has been well received by both the children and the staff.

The autism clinic in Ontario remains committed to providing a supportive and effective therapeutic environment. The installation of DICTATOR door dampers is part of the clinic's ongoing efforts to improve the quality of care provided.

door damper on open sliding door

a door damper on a sliding door ...

door damper on closed sliding door

... catches the door before it closes and quietly pulls it shut

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