Gas springs

Gas springs

DICTATOR is the specialist for high quality and high performance gas struts. Decades of experience as well as our flexible and highly efficient manufacturing process enable us to produce with the highest quality standards, customized to the customer's requirements - even for small batches or single units.

Our calculation service makes the difference! We advise you personally and calculate the right gas strut for you!

Many years of experience with gas struts have shown that a product is only as good as its technical support, as only accurately calculated forces and fixing points can ensure perfect functionality and a long service life. Thanks to our own calculation program and the extensive experience of our technical staff, we can provide the perfect solution for a very wide range of requirements. Take advantage of our free consulting service: we will develop the right solution for your application.

Push type gas springs

Suitable for a wide range of applications: They can be used to open, close and control the movement of flaps, hatches, windows, machine guards, etc.

Gas springs with floating piston

Particularly useful for sensitive equipment or for applications which require a slow and controlled operating speed.

Pull type gas springs

Especially intended for applications in which it is not possible to use a normal push type gas spring, e.g. due to lack of space or difficulty in placing suitable fixing points.

Locking gas springs

In addition to normal gas spring function, they offer the ability to be locked at any position. There are two locking types available: rigid and cushioned.

Variable speed gas springs

They combine the function of a gas spring with a hydraulic damper. They are ideal for applications which require the extending speed of the gas spring to be adjustable.