Applications - Hydraulic dampers

DICTATOR's hydraulic damper product line offers a wide spectrum of different linear dampers as well as radial dampers / rotation dampers for an even wider range of solutions. In addition to the extensive amount of standard dampers, we also manufacture custom hydraulic dampers for special customer requirements, even in small quantities or single units.

Sliding gates on slopes with controlled speed

In normal operation, a gate operator moves these gates. But what happens if the operator gets broken, defective, or if there is a power failure or even just an error? The gate would fall downhill unbraked, which could be a hazard for people and for the gate itself. But a small, extremely effective device helps prevent this horror scenario - the DICTATOR radial damper.The radial damper also protects the motor, since it reduces the forces acting on it shaft during closing, thus ensuring long operational life.

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Controlled opening of custom-made access gate

Architecturally, an eye-catcher: an access gate that looks like a continuation of the facade of the house. Technically, however, a challenge due to its 200 kg. As the door is exposed to a high wind load, it has to be slowed down during opening to prevent a potentially dangerous impact. Two adjustable oil dampers make sure that the door opens slowly and is easy to operate, even under strong winds.

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Oil dampers contribute to a smooth operation and prevent accidents on tugger trains

Oil dampers are used for many different applications to facilitate work with heavy elements. Here, an oil damper on a towing bar keeps it upwards to save space and cushions the lowering movement steadily to avoid potential accidents.

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