Door interlock systems

The DICTATOR door interlock systems can be used to efficiently implement many access control solutions, e.g. for clean rooms, without the need of programming notions. They are reliable, customer friendly and do not require complicated programming (no computer is needed for the setup).

Despite the relatively simple structure of our systems, we can also provide solutions for complex systems with special requirements. Our technical department will be happy to help you with the planning of a custom system, tailor-made for your application.

General information: Find out more about the advantages and the features of the DICTATOR door interlock system. Read more here

Peripheral system

Extremely flexible system, with a modular structure and the possibility of expansion at a later time. It allows for complex functions, even in systems where the doors are far from each other.

Central system

For small interlock systems with up to 5 doors (optionally up to 8 doors). Cable length max. 15 m, terminal depth approx. 27 mm.

System for flush switch boxes

The terminal components are installed using standard commercial switch boxes with a central control. The connection of the terminals is performed on site.

Additional components

Bar magnets

The bar magnets are used as locking device in access and emergency exit doors in door interlock systems. Because of their relatively easy installation they are well suited for retrofitting.

Door locks

Beside the bar magnets there are several other locking devices, like TVR door locking system and electric strikes.

Access control systems

Depending on where the interlock control system is used, it may be necessary to protect single or even all doors by an access control from unauthorised access.

Power packs

DICTATOR door interlock systems need a central power supply to power the terminals and the interlocking devices. To this end, DICTATOR offers power packs with different outputs.