Applications - Door & gate operators

Our modular door & gate operator systems allow us to provide solutions for many different applications and a very wide variety of hinged and sliding elements. Besides, we are not limited to certain types of doors and gates or specific sizes and weights. But we develop an all-in-one solution for each application. And we always take into account all relevant standards, as well as the individual requirements of our customers.

Motorization of large entrance gate in car dealership thanks to DICTATOR MultiMove

Operating the door of this car dealership by hand up to 200 times a day required too much effort. Therefore, they needed a retrofit solution for the automation of the gate. For this, DICTATOR met all requirements with the modular system for sliding gates DICTAMAT MultiMove. Also, they also needed to be able to move the gate manually in the event of a power outage.

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Hinged door operator DICTAMAT 310-21 undermines the effect of the wind

These large doors were a significant danger under strong winds. The force of the wind also often prevented them from opening or closing. So the customer needed a solution to automate the door so that they could function properly, even under wind forces of 9 Beaufort. Now the hinged door operator DICTAMAT 310-21 XXL ensures that the doors open and close safely and reliably every time.

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Custom solution for the automation of pivoting elements to blackout auditorium

In this auditorium, the window fronts needed to be covered by a combination of pivoting and sliding elements required for darkening purposes. Now, the pivoting elements can all easily move at the touch of a button. They use a drive and a transmission mechanism specifically for this. It sits above the panels and is not normally visible, as there is a screen that closes off the entire area.

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Gate operators for the automation of sliding sun shading elements

DICTATOR door and gate operators are not only used for “conventional” doors. They also automate other elements, like these extra-large sliding sun shades. Here, safety was crucial, because the bottom of the sun shading modules can be in contact with people. Because of it, DICTATOR supplied all necessary safety components for this.

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Custom automation solution for drying ovens in industrial paint shop

This paint shop needed an operator for the doors to the drying ovens. Here, high levels of safety were necessary to prevent safety hazards for the staff. Thanks to the automation system MultiMove, especially developed for complex applications, DICTATOR could even re-program certain specifications easily during the installation directly on site.

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Automation of sliding gratings in extreme weather at 3275 m elevation

On the platform of the funicular at a height of 3,275 meters, the operator opens the sliding gate of the platform whenever the doors of the cable car open. As one can imagine, this functionality, combined with the extreme outdoor conditions on the platform, poses an extremely tough challenge for any gate operator. But DICTATOR developed a special version for outdoor use specially for this application.

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