Fire door operators

Fire door operators

For decades, preventive fire protection has been one of DICTATOR’s core areas of expertise. To ensure that convenience is not neglected while maintaining maximum fire protection, DICTATOR offers fire door operators and different components for the operation of these doors according to the customer's requirements - from a single component to a fully automated operator.

Operators for sliding fire doors

We offer several types of door operators. Depending on the weight and size of the door, either three-phase or direct current operators can be used. The door is closed by a counterweight or a spring.

Semi-automatic fire door operators

This kind of operators for sliding doors are a more affordable alternative to the fully automatic ones. The door is opened by hand and then closes automatically at a controlled speed.

Control systems

DICTATOR offers a number of approved systems for the control of the operators. You can choose from them according to the layout of the facility and the desired functions of the operator as well as the level of comfort required by the user.

Spring rope pulleys & hydraulic dampers

Spring rope pulleys and hydraulic dampers for sliding fire doors are used either to retrofit existing systems or, together with other fire-rated products, to create a full system.

Safety components & operating devices

We also provide a wide range of operating devices and additional safety components to ensure that the fire doors always function perfectly and protect people and goods.

Application examples

You can find some application examples of DICTATOR fire door operators here.

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