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Applications - Door closing solutions

Since 1932 the name DICTATOR has been synonymous with reliable mechanical door closing solutions and hardware solutions for closing and/or damping the movement of a wide variety of doors: from hinged to sliding doors, also including swing doors and pivoting doors.

Back check protect entrance door to exclusive store

Strong winds can turn many large entrance doors into a safety hazard for pedestrians and cause damage to the walls, the hardware and the door itself, as is the case of the Kranhaus Nord, a Cologne landmark. Now the back check always reliably slows the opening of the door down, which results in considerable savings on repair costs and prevents injury of passers-by.

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Door dampers for highly frequented doors

Many entrance doors, especially those with a door closer, can slam shut very loudly. Others may not close completely even if they do have an overhead door closer and they leave a small gap that can be a security threat. Door dampers catch the doors right before closing, pull them slowly and quietly shut and keep them securely closed.

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Door closer DIREKT ideal for arched doors

Traditional overhead door closers are very difficult to install on arched doors, as there isn't much surface on the upper part of the door to attach it. Plus, they spoil the special aesthetic of this kind of door. With the door closer DIREKT this is not at issue, because it doesn’t have a lever arm. One end is fixed to the door frame or the wall and the other one on the door leaf. Another benefit: the closing speed can be adjusted exactly to the wishes of the user.

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Floor spring WAB 180 perfect for very large and heavy pivoting doors

The floor spring is here used on a 160 kg pivoting door in the Haarlemmermeer crematorium near Amsterdam. It can close doors up to 600 kg safely and reliably without a problem, even when subjected to frequent operation or when exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

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HAWGOOD swing door hinges close swing doors reliably and without long swinging

DICTATOR swing door hinges ensure safe and controlled closing of small to large swing doors, as in the reception area of this hotel lobby. They can be used for a wide variety of applications, from partition doors in restaurant kitchens or counters in stores, up to heavy-duty industrial doors. With them, swing doors close swiftly and without making much noise. They can also hold the door open at 90°.

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Effective damage prevention of school windows

Windows in schools have to deal with more than just wind and drafts: the often careless use of the students, which can often lead to broken glass and damage to the hinges or the walls. Thanks to their hydraulic damping, DICTATOR back checks gently slow down the opening of windows and limit their opening angle. This prevents them from being able to slam open and hit something or someone.

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Mechanical door closer DICTAMAT 50 for sliding doors: eco-friendly and reliable solution

For hygienic reasons, the doors to this bakery have to always close immediately after people pass through. The owner specifically wanted a mechanical system, which is much less expensive and more reliable than a fully automated operator. He found the perfect solution with the DICTAMAT 50, which thanks to its modular design, provides great flexibility and adjustable closing speed and can be adapted to any on-site conditions.

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Concealed installation to preserve historic look thanks to door closer RTS

The entrance area of this city hall from the 1800s was modernized and furnished with a glass door to make it more open and visitor-friendly. However, all hardware should be invisible and hidden in the door. The DICTATOR tube door closer RTS is built into the steel mid-section of the glass door. The closer is practically invisible to visitors to the city hall and doesn’t disrupt the stunning appearance of the building.

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