Application examples

Here you can find an overview of different application examples that are possible with DICTATOR products.
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Door closing solutions

Since 1932 the name DICTATOR has been synonymous with reliable mechanical hardware solutions for closing and/or damping the movement of a wide variety of doors: from hinged to sliding doors, also including swing doors and pivoting doors.

Gate closers

Especially suitable for outdoor pedestrian gates. Also used on arched doors and wherever there is not enough space for a conventional door closer above the door. They feature a steady closing speed and provides secure self-closing access control.

Gas springs

Decades of experience together with our flexible and highly efficient production make us the perfect manufacturer for high-quality gas springs. These are tailored exactly to customer needs in a very wide range of applications.

Hydraulic dampers

Our standard hydraulic damper range covers offers solution for a very wide range of applications. Additionally, we manufacture custom hydraulic dampers specific to particular applications, even in small batches or single units.

Door & gate operators

DICTATOR is a specialist  in providing automation solutions for doors, gates or other applications requiring automated movement. Thanks to the modular nature of our systems, it is possible to cover a great range of applications. We also develop custom solutions of all kinds for specific customer requirements.

Fire door operators

Our solutions for the automation of fire doors regard all necessary regulations as well as the specific customer requirements to ensure safety and comfort of operation.

Door interlock systems

We provide solutions to regulate access to certain rooms in relation to other doors in places where controlled environmental conditions or clean-rooms are required, such as in certain research labs or in the food, pharma or biotech industries.

Fire door solutions

Our hold-open systems provide safety and, at the same time, make life easier, as they keep fire and smoke doors in fire closures open during normal operation and ensure that they close automatically in case of an alarm.

Lift equipment

Additionally to lift equipment and components, we also provide complete lift systems such as the Homelift DHM 500 and the DHE lift, as well as shaft systems.