Applications - Gas springs

DICTATOR quality gas springs lift your heavy weights – always effortlessly, gently, and without a hitch. This helps protect people and goods. Thanks to their wide range of possible options, they can be used in all types of structures where components need to be lifted and/or held open or where the weight needs to be counterbalanced.

Easy-to-operate basement cover with gas springs as a space saving solution

The staircase to the basement used to take valuable up space in this terrace. In order to make the usable surface larger, they decided to cover the staircase with a wooden cladding. When closed, one can walk on it and use the extra space. However, the owners needed to be able to move the heavy cladding without much effort. That's where DICTATOR gas springs come into action. The requirements were a little tricky: the individual elements had to be kept open/closed only by means of the gas springs because, if using some type of lock, it wouldn't be possible to open the cover from the outside when locked. But this was absolutely no problem for DICTATOR, who also calculated the exact fixing points for the gas springs to ensure perfect function.

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Custom windows in the London City Hall open thanks to DICTATOR gas springs

The windows of the London City Hall, which make up a large part of its facade, are fitted with more than 3,600 DICTATOR gas springs. Due to the unusual shape of the building, DICTATOR calculated each gas spring individually for each window to achieve a perfect function. Of course, this was no problem for the DICTATOR technical team. The custom gas springs were then manufactured for every single window and packed and labelled in such a way that each gas spring could be easily assigned to its respective window during installation.

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Gas springs for and easy and safe operation of floor hatches and flaps

Many buildings have hatchways as an escape route from the basement, like this café in Cologne, Germany. In case of emergency, the hatch has to be able to open on its own after unlocking and remain open. However, these requirements may vary from one case to another. That is why DICTATOR takes each application into consideration individually. Based on information about dimensions and weights, frequency of operation, ambient temperature, etc., we determine the perfect gas springs for each application, including exact fixing points to guarantee that it functions perfectly.

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Gas springs in action on diaper changing tables for optimal function and safety

The foldable diaper changing tables at Frankfurt's international airport are a perfect space-saving solution. This type of changing table presents a special challenge, as the flap cannot simply drop down when opening. The closing must be assisted, as otherwise one would need too much force to fold it back up. But this was no problem at all for the technical customer service at DICTATOR.

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Safe operation of floor hatch in historical landmark

This hatchway is located in a half-timbered house built in the 1760s. The hatch should open effortlessly from both the basement and the ground floor and it should be able to stay open without falling. And this required a custom solution. In addition, DICTATOR had to choose the fixing points for installation very carefully so that the gas springs would not obstruct the already narrow stairway even more.

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Gas springs provide reliable support to workflows in industrial applications

In industrial complexes there are numerous flaps that are difficult to operate due to their weight. Gas springs provide help for this strenuous work. And when used on machines, they ensure smooth motion in a wide variety of applications. A defective gas spring can quickly result in high repair costs. That's why we attach great importance to manufacturing high-quality gas springs as well as to providing great customer support and fast delivery to contribute to keeping the business up and running.

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