Applications - Door interlock systems

Places that require controlled environmental conditions or clean rooms, such as in certain research labs or in the food, pharma or biotech industries, need to have door interlock systems. With it, access to certain rooms can be regulated in relation to other doors. DICTATOR solutions don't require any programming knowledge, provide a very wide range of options and are easy to install - even when retrofitting an existing clean room.

Easy retrofitting of a clean room with one of DICTATOR's interlock control systems

This mid-sized pharma company needed to retrofit a clean room in their facilities and found in DICTATOR the perfect partner. Thanks to DICTATOR's modular interlock control systems, they could retrofit it fast and easily, and without the need for complicated programming.

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Hospital complies with standards thanks to the easy retrofitting of DICTATOR interlock control system

In the MCL Hospital Harlingen the full surgery unit in the second floor was retrofitted with interlock control systems. This ensures that certain doors can only open in a certain order, whenever other doors are closed. This prevents the spread of germs. Planning, installation and commissioning took place in close cooperation with DICTATOR.

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Custom interlock solutions for people & goods

DICTATOR interlock control systems feature much more than just user-friendly programming via DIP switches - they also offer great flexibility in their configuration and their functionality. The interlock for this pharmaceutical company keeps doors wide open for the transportation of goods, so that they can also pass through with a lift truck.

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