Floor spring / floor closer WAB 180 with the latest technology

The floor spring WAB 180 has been proving its value for many decades. It was developed as early as 1950 and remains just as irreplaceable today as it was then.

Thanks to our modern production facilities, it has now been given a facelift, which further enhances its strengths with the aid of new technology.

What makes the WAB 180 unbeatable?

  • Since the facelift, the housing is made of aluminum and no longer of sand casting. It is completely manufactured in our Berlin production facility with our own machines, which leads to even more flexibility, accuracy and stability.
  • The complete interior of the floor spring is filled with oil. This ensures constant damping at all times. It also prevents leaks from happening on the brake cylinder and keeps the axle bearings, which easily support doors up to 600 kg, constantly lubricated so that it never runs dry.
  • A two-stage sealing system is now used to seal the axis: a shaft sealing ring in the housing and an additional axial seal on the shaft. The axial seal protects the actual seal, especially in case of use of sharp cleaning agents or similar substances.
  • A larger clearance has been added around the heads of the regulating screw and oil filler screw so that any contamination can be easily removed before opening them. Furthermore, the hole in the cover plate above the regulating screw is additionally sealed with a plastic cap to protect the screw from dirt.
  • In the new embedding box, there are two weld-on bolts at the bottom to which the WAB is screwed. This simplifies its installation, as it automatically positions the floor spring correctly in the box.
CNC milling machine ICTATOR Berlin production

Replacement housing

Even though the floor springs WAB 180 are known for their extremely long service life, a replacement of old closers may be necessary at some point. The dimensions of the new WAB 180-2 are slightly different from those of the previous version with cast housing and the new closer will therefore not fit into an existing embedding box.

However, to make the replacement as smooth as possible, the WAB 180-2A is supplied with a housing specially adapted to the old embedding boxes for replacement purposes. This version can be installed in the embedding box of the old WAB 180 without any problems. Also the existing cover plates can still be used.

> Find out more on the product page under “Replacement”

floor spring replacement WAB180