Gas springs and oil dampers painted from 2021 on

DICTATOR gas springs and oil dampers have been making our lives easier for almost 50 years now. They ensure a safe motion sequence in a wide variety of applications, such as flaps and other moving elements, as well as providing a comfortable operation.

Our many years of experience in calculating the perfect gas spring and oil damper and their fixing points together with flexible and highly efficient manufacture in Bernau, near Berlin, guarantee that you always receive a solution perfectly tailored to your need, even for small quantities or single units.

We look forward to offering you even more possibilities for the design of our gas springs and oil dampers from January 2021 on!

Oil damper in use in a production plant

Gas springs on a floor hatch

DICTATOR gas springs and oil dampers will be supplied with a painted finish from January 2021 onwards

Thanks to our new, state-of-the-art paint shop, we can now deliver our gas springs and oil dampers painted (standard color in RAL 9006, white aluminium) starting with the New Year. The main advantages:

  • The painting allows for higher flexibility in the production process. This will lead in the mid-term to a further reduction of the already short lead times.
  • Since the cylinders have no longer to be sent out to be galvanized we help avoid unnecessary transportation routes, thus contributing to environmental protection.
  • Painting offers more possibilities to match the gas spring / oil damper even better to the application, since they can be supplied in a wider variety of colors.
  • The painted surface offers excellent corrosion protection, as proven by salt spray tests in accredited testing laboratories.

Which products will be delivered with a painted cylinder from January on?

Gas springs/oil dampers that have to be shipped via our express service within 3 working days and our next-day overnight service will still be delivered galvanized, as the paint requires more hardening time to ensure optimal corrosion protection.

Gas springs/oil dampers with protective tubes will also continue to be manufactured galvanized until further notice, since durability tests still have to be carried out.

Paint shop DICTATOR Berlin
gas springs painted vs galvanized