Door & gate closers

DICTATOR door and gate closers excel by their high quality and long service life. They provide solutions to your problems by closing doors even when conventional door closers cannot.

Thanks to the many different models available, we can provide solutions for a wide range of applications: from exterior garden and access gates, to residential buildings, public and commercial buildings with heavily used doors, to industrial facilities.

We'll be happy to help you choose the right product for your door - just contact us!

Door & gate closers for hinged doors and gates

Gate closer DIREKT

The gate closer DIREKT assists in closing doors and gates. It works similarly to a gas spring: when the gate is opened, the rod of the closer is pushed into its cylinder, compressing the gas. When the door is closed, the pressure is released and the rod is pushed outwards.

Concealed door closer RTS

The tube door closer RTS is generally used for optical or security reasons. It is installed concealed and is therefore almost invisible. The closing speed is adjustable and, depending on the installation situation, it can be opened up to 180°.

Closing springs

Our closing springs are the simplest form of door closer. They close the door by tensioning the spring, although the closing speed cannot be adjusted. Some models are designed for surface installation on the door and others for concealed installation in the door.

Floor spring WAB 180

The DICTATOR floor swing WAB 180 has proven its reliability for decades, especially on very heavy and high traffic doors. The special oil filled shaft bearings allow the WAB 180 to be used on very heavy doors up to 600 kg.