Highest hygienic standards thanks to interlock control system

Germs, bacteria, viruses: they can pose a deadly danger. In order to ensure safe processes in clean rooms, labs, hospitals, etc., the access to certain rooms is often only possible through an interlock. They help to prevent harmful particles from spreading out between two different spaces.

Many hospitals use the DICTATOR interlock control system for this purpose. It simply and reliably prevents interlocking doors from opening unintentionally, which contributes to preventing the spread of viruses or other particles to another area.

As the following examples show, DICTATOR offers a flexible and easy-to-use interlock control system that meets a very broad range of requirements.

Hygienic lock for sterile goods in the OR

In hospitals, the use of hygiene locks for the rigorous separation of clean and unclean materials is an absolute must. In order to avoid cross-contamination between sterile and dirty instruments, the SHR Clinic in Oberndorf, Neckar in Germany retrofitted the lock in the OR with an interlock control system.

The hospital management decided in favor of a DICTATOR interlock control system, which could be installed with little effort, requires no EDP programming and can be adapted to meet new requirements at any time.

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Interlock protects clean rooms in hospitals

At MCL Hospital, too, the entire OR area was retrofitted with a DICTATOR interlock control system. In the process, many different doors with different functions had to be interconnected. For larger and more complex systems like this, the DICTATOR interlock control system also offers many advantages:

  • Easy installation, as all core components of the interlock system are connected with pluggable cables
  • Door dependencies can be easily set with DIP switches and can be adjusted at any time without any programming
  • Integration of ventilation systems, MSR, building control systems, etc. is also possible

Of course we will support you with the layout as well as with all questions concerning the installation and will be happy to work out a comprehensive offer for your system.

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