CAD configurator for gas springs and new web content

Gas springs are extremely versatile. For this reason, it is almost impossible to describe their many different functionalities and possible applications in only a few words.

Which is why we have considerably expanded the information on our corporate website on the subject of gas springs. There we show just how versatile they areand offer inspiration for finding solutions to a wide range of customer requirements. These include:

New CAD configurator

You will also find a CAD configurator directly on the corporate website, which will generate a drawing of the gas spring you need in just a few clicks. You can read off the dimensions directly in the 3D view or download the drawing in the format of your choice.

Of course, you can also easily create a PDF specification sheet that clearly presents the drawing and all the data for your gas spring.

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Digital media – a good add-on, but no substitute for expert customer support

For the selection of the most suitable gas spring, we strongly believe in individual customer support, because only by examining an application on an individual basis can we ensure that the gas spring meets all requirements and functions reliably. This is shown by the following example of a floor flap:

The requirements for the flap were that it should open on its own after being lifted slightly and that it should remain securely open, since falling shut would pose an enormous hazard. It also had to be possible to close it again by hand without great effort. In addition, the gas springs had to be installed in a way which didn’t restrict the already narrow access to the stairway any further when the flap was open.

Many years of experience, a specially developed calculation program, and the thrill of each new challenge ensure that we can find a suitable solution even in such cases. Determining the right gas springs and fixing points for your application is always included in our service. The advantage: You can be sure that everything will work perfectly in the end.

Our technical staff will be happy to personally assist you with your projects. They will support you from the planning stage and selection of the right product to proper installation.

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